Software Features

Drive more sales by informing your business strategies with precise people counting data. All the powerful features you need to optimise space utilisation and ROI.

People Counting Software that teams love

Heighten customer and employee experiences with people counting that engages, converts and delivers. People counting data viewable on desktop and mobile devices.

sensor agnostic

Sensor agnostic

Our software runs on any combination of operating systems and underlying processor architecture.

sensor accuracy and reliability

Sensor accuracy & reliability

Use precise measurement data to ensure that data is transmitted faster and ensure precise measurement data is transmitted faster.

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

Flexible cloud computing model for a scalable, cost-effective solution. Easily scale resources up or down as required and only pay for the services that you actually use.

Data lake integration via message broker

Effective mechanism for decoupling, data validation, transformation and routing. Communication exchange is easily mediated among applications.

Cloud hosted solution

Cloud agnostic solutions designed to sit on any cloud that you would like. Quickly scalable, secure and mobile solution that allows for fast data recovery. Reduce your capex costs and any potential downtime.

unlimited users and locations

Unlimited users & locations

Set unlimited access permissions, reporting access and feature controls for individual users.

Flexible user access control

Flexible access controls provide unparalleled management of data access to suit any organisation.

Restful API

The data is not tied to a particular resource or method and can be returned to different data formats. REST protocol separates the user interface from the server and data storage to improve portability of the interface, increases project scalability, and allows different components to be evolved independently. To provide you with increased flexibility, visibility, reliability and scalability.

custom reports and charts

Custom reports and charts

Tailor your analytics reports to suite your goals and strategies. Dive deeper into the analytics with robust information that allows you to pull our information on how processes are working or need to be improved. Keep track wherever you are with dashboards viewable on your desktop and mobile device.

data annotations

Data annotations

Annotations on data series to allow you to perform validation by adding one or more attributes to a class property.


Export to CSV, PDF and more

Better organise and read large amounts of data by exporting to the file type that best suits your needs.

auto email reporting

Auto email reporting

Automated scheduling of reports to provide increased organisation & efficiency, improved reporting and analytics with less errors, so you can priorities time for other important tasks.

metadata reporting

Metadata reporting

Store all your information from multiple sources in one secure and governed location.

time range comparisons

Time range comparisons

Ensure you are looking at the most accurate situtation possible, look at the progress you have made, what strategies have worked and identify areas for improvement.

Gain more visibility and insight into your hospitality venues performance