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Need help monitoring store occupancy?

The Abakus Analytics store occupancy solutions provides you with the tools to keep your customers, employees and visitors safe.

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Precision People Counting

Abakus Analytics offers a full suite of people counting solutions to fundamentally drive marketing, sales and customer services and optimise conversion rates. We provide highly accurate people counting technology to maximise revenue from traffic and improve the use of space.

With 30+ years experience within the people counting space, we are the specialists on the movement and measurement of people. We strive to ensure our partners and clients drive value from these measurements. From improving sales conversion for retailers to understanding and improving space utilisation in an office tower, We strive to provide our customers with real insights and not just data.

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Our Solutions

We offer a full stack of people counting solutions so you have the insight to drive more informed decisions that lead to measurable results, from planning front-line activities to setting overall strategy.

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Get the data you need to uncover trends and actionable insight to inform day-to-day and overall strategy.

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Abakus Analytics stood out as a solution provider because of their people counting knowledge, experience and customer engagement. Since we’ve implemented the Abakus Analytics solution, we can now achieve 95% people counting accuracy!


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We work with a range of clients from all industries to get real results for their businesses.

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