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Create meaningful customer experiences with clear visibility and insight into your retail stores performance. All from one platform saving you valuable time and effort.


Navigate the ongoing complexities in retail with people counting to help you maximise revenue from retail traffic

people counting retail sales conversion

Add value to your stores

Consumer priorities and the entire retail landscape has shifted. Our accurate people counting software takes the guesswork out of interpreting your store data and continually suggest what actions you should take to improve your stores performance.

Gain visibility into your store performance by knowing what is the busiest time of your store, understanding key areas of performance and identifying strategic areas for improvement. Adapt your operations accordingly so you can create purposeful & quality experiences for your customers.

people counting retail rostering

Optimise your team rostering schedule

It is now more important than ever to ensure that you balance your staff hours with customer demand. Too many rostered staff members result in wasted budget, too few staff could see missed sales opportunities and aggravated customers.

Optimise your staff and rostering schedule through understanding peak shopping times and customer patterns. Ensure you are efficiently spending your rostering budget to make sure you have enough staff members to meet customers demand.

Marketing campaign optimisation

Want to know how your marketing affects your sales? This is made simple through our customisable reports allowing you to keep track of event success.

Take advantage of our accurate data to measure your current marketing and events impact and drive successful future campaigns. With unlimited reports you can compare past events with current events to get deeper insights into opportunities and strategies that will drive campaign optimisation.

Measure display effectiveness

Do you know how effective your window displays are at drawing in customers? Which display areas are most interactive and capture the most attention? We can help. Create valuable and captivating window and in-store displays by using our egress counters and dwell time to measure effectiveness. Find out which displays are working best, and which need your attention, with our live reports. Then design stunning displays that create excitement and engagement.

people counting retail visitor safety

Ensure customer & staff safety

De-stress your team and protect your staff, customers and the community. Get live store occupancy metrics to ensure your stores are complying with COVID regulations and people are adhering to social distancing requirements.

Our real-time displays of store occupancy levels automatically lets everyone know how many people are in-store and allowed to enter. Maximum capacity notifications and updates can be shown to your team via a tablet and to your customers on a screen display.

People Counting Tools for Retail

We offer a full stack of people counting solutions so you have the insight to drive higher revenue from more informed decisions, from planning front-line activities to setting overall store strategy.

Retail Clients

We’ve worked with a range of retail clients to refresh their store strategies that drive customer sales.

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