Become the go-to hospitality venue

Transform your spaces by improving and optimising your operations with patron focused traffic metrics.

Create experiences that exceeds expectations and keeps people coming back

people counting hospitality

Understand density & occupancy

Understanding density lets your team know where people are and when they’re there to strategically guide which resources are needed to be deployed and at what time.

Ensure your venue does not exceed occupancy permits – accurately track those coming in and out of your venue to ensure you do not breach your occupancy limits which can have financial penalties and affect the experience of those within your venue.

people counting hospitality

Gain insight into accurate turnover per person

With people counting data you can have a better understanding into key peak periods & demographics so you can strategically forecast expected revenues and expenses.

Ensure productive & sufficient service of staff

Stay competitive by understanding how patrons interact with your hospitality venue to be able to efficiently roster your staff. Reduce wage costs & increase the spend per head with improved wait times and streamlining front of house operations.

people counting hospitality promotion

Understand the impacts of marketing & events

Insight into what works to ensure maximum value of marketing spend and ensure repeat use of key marketing offers and events.

Gain more visibility and insight into your hospitality venues performance