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Gain insight into your staff and customers

Without an accurate understanding of how many people are using your spaces, many businesses are blind to the true performance of their building, store, staff, and sales & marketing strategies. Sales figures are not always the best indicator of business performance. Visitor traffic and sales conversion metrics are a far superior measure of a store’s ability to drive people in and convert them into customers.

People counting is essential to understanding the number of shoppers entering your store and which areas they frequent the most. With this information you are equipped to better optimise your spaces and business activities to ensure you grab customer’s attention and get them to want to make purchases.

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Accurate People Counting Solution

We will help you on your quest for smarter people counting solutions. We arm you with the information and insight to formulate a winning omni-channel strategy.

The traffic data collected is combined with POS, roster and other data types to provide contextual analysis from which actionable insights can be derived.

People Counting Features

Space Utilisation

Understand usage times to improve space allocation and reduce costs by releasing extra available space.


Measure the population density of your spaces so you can better allocate business resources such as customer service and security.

People/Visitor Flow

Equip yourself with the insight to visualise future trends and make future predictions.

Dwell Time

Optimise your store layout with a better understanding of which departments and products attract more customers.

Visitor Tracking

Improve building security and employee safety with enhanced visibility.

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