Putting passenger safety at the forefront

Capture a greater understanding of how people use and move about your public transport services.

Gain confidence in the information you are receiving to set yourself up to optimise your transportation services

public transport density

Measure and control carriage/platform density for safety

Automatic passenger counting to log those coming on and off each station or stop to help maintain social distancing rules.

pedestrian flow

Understand pedestrian movement and flow across terminals and stations

Achieving transport optimisation through heightened insight into volume and flow data.

people counting hospitality rostering

Understanding flow statistics against ticketing to determine fare evasion

Collect aggregate data to measure against actual logged number of passengers to have an overview on how many travellers are actually paying.

Count the total amount of bicycles coming in and off your service

Count the total amount of bicycles coming in and off your service. Bicycle counting provides reliable real-time data on bicycle usage. Bicycle counting is particularly important on trains to increase your ability to accomodate various types of passengers during travel times.

Gain more visibility and insight into your public transport operations