Occupancy Management

Have complete visibility over the density of your space to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all.

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Why it’s important

COVID-19 presents many business challenges for businesses and organisations everywhere. All kinds of businesses need to mitigate the damage from the pandemic as much as possible, and to ensure employee and customer safety, space occupancy management is essential. We want to help ensure that businesses everywhere are ready to help mitigate these challenges.

We can ensure your stores do not exceed social distancing and automatically alert or present a display of the store’s density. We can do this with your existing sensors.

Real-time traffic analysis

Better understand your spaces so you can improve efficiency and reduce costs. By simply managing and monitoring space utilisation effectively, you can make considerable savings and increase efficiency through optimising your current space.

Abakus Analytics can provide you with all the information you need to gain a clearer insight into how your spaces are used. Gain detailed and up-to-date live information, implement processes to track space demand, and access occupancy reports so you can define and analyse your main KPIs.

Space Occupancy Management office

Optimise the use of your space

Monitor occupancy with real-time traffic analytics. We provide tracking and counting algorithms to measure store occupancy/density within your spaces. The ability to calculate a building’s occupancy without the compounding issues that all sensors have. We are able to achieve a +/- 3% across and entire day with building counts over 4,000 visitors.

A Smart Occupancy solution that provides real time occupancy of the store ensuring:

  • Social Distancing

  • Security

  • Service Levels

  • Store Average Shop Times

Space Occupancy Management Benefits

Accurate space visibility

Understanding store density and service levels on each floor to maximise service and conversion.

Improved resource allocation

Ability to better allocate resources (including security, staff etc).

Adhere to regulations

Ensuring that location occupancy does not exceed the locations permitted allowance.

Value estimation

Understanding the value of each individual from a revenue perspective. $/visitor per each 15 minutes.

Optimise sales activities

Make savings with an improved understanding of marketing vs merchandising.

Enhance individual experiences

Better understanding of average time spent (Dwell) in building/floor/store so you can adjust spaces to meet the needs of those using the spaces.

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