Platform Features

Accurate performance insight, analytics and management all in one place. Delve into performance indicators you can easily understand and put into action.

Abakus Analytics Dashboard
Abakus Analytics Gateway

The System

Using the most sophisticated IoT people counting sensors, we offer an accurate people counting solution that is intuitive and reliable.

With no disruption to operations, our sensors can perform under a vast number of environments, from a single store to very large and open plan environments.

  • 99% Accuracy – Precise people counting data.

  • Reliable – Easy to install and implement across various environments.

  • Sensor agnostic – Works with any operating system.

  • Versatile – Easy to install and implement across various environments, from a single store to very large and open plan environments.

The Software

A business consists of many different stakeholders, all of whom rely on the right data at the right time. We makes it easy for everyone to make better data-backed decisions.

The Abakus platform is the most robust and cohesive people counting software in the market, built to analyse business performance and facilitate business growth.

Developed to streamline into managed IT environments, the traffic collated data is combined with other data types to provide contextual analysis from which actionable insights can be derived. Drive strategic decision making across the business that improves space utilisation, conversion rates, and overall performance.

  • Easy to use web portal

  • Complete transparency

  • Unlimited scalability

People Counting Software

01. See the big picture

Reporting Tools

Collect valuable people counting data and visualise all in one rich dashboard that simplifies complex data to see how many people are using your space.

People Counting Software Reporting
People Counting Software Analytics

02. Make sense of your data

Analytics Tools

Uncover trends and actionable insights from your people counting and space data to inform sales, operations and marketing strategy.

03. Be confident in every decision

Insights Tools

Plan and manage strategies that will create heightened experiences that maximises opportunities and conversions and overall performance.

People Counting Software Insights

Our Guiding Principles

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