Create effective & productive workspaces

Maximise efficiency and space utilisation using Abakus Analytics’ intuitive people counting tools. Understand occupancy and behaviours to create spaces that people love.


Make strategic operational decisions in real-time while optimising spaces for tenants and visitors.

people counting commercial efficiency

Optimise building & energy efficiency

Convert building services from time based to occupancy based to reduce overall energy consumption. With people counting integrated into your building and energy management systems, your building can automatically allocate energy to spaces based on occupancy density. Rather than air-conditioning and light activated on unused floors, density data obtained can provide insight on which floors to reduce and redirect power.

Our insightful people counting tools will analyse your performance and help you improve further. Understand which spaces are being used to its full potential and which are underperforming to identify patterns in energy use that will reveal energy saving opportunities.

people counting productivity

Improve tenant productivity

Utilise people counting insight to improve building efficiency with demand driven by population. Data analytics can be integrated to your buildings existing building management systems (BMS) and energy management systems (EMS) to automatically allocate correct airflow into spaces based on occupancy to maintain a healthy indoor environment quality.

Provide staff with a more comfortable workspace to ensure greater productivity from happy workers who are at ease in their workspaces. The occupancy data provides insights into the buildings real estate efficiency of meeting rooms desks, collaboration spaces and even toilet facilities.

people counting security

Simpler, faster and smarter security

Ensure the safety of the tenants in your building by identifying any unauthorised entries or tail-gating through security doors by integrating counting metrics with your security systems, and ensure only one person enters per access swipe.

Trigger security alerts by tracking individuals who spend an unusual amount of time in a particular space.

Real time population counts allows your team to monitor occupancy permit compliance and provides a compliance rating in regards to safety drills.

people counting spacial design

Scale up design of your spaces

Make informed decisions with an in-depth understanding of the usage of existing spaces to better promote future space design. Optimise spacial design that improves space utilisation, operational outcomes and increases tenant productivity.

Improve spaces based on how tenants currently interact with your building, so you can attract and maintain the right tenants to your buildings.


people counting cleaning schedules

Fine-tune cleaning schedules

Gain visibility and insight on toilet facilities usage and get real-time alerts when they actually require cleaning. Reduce overhead costs by scheduling cleaning according to usage.

With our utilisation alerts, facility managers can ensure optimal cleaning schedules based on utilisation and not based a time schedule.

People Counting Tools for Commercial Buildings

We offer a full stack of people counting solutions so you have the insight to drive more informed decisions, from planning front-line activities to setting overall strategy.

Commercial Clients

We’ve worked with a range of commercial clients to optimise their buildings to create healthy and productive spaces.

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