Provide a thriving learning environment 

Harness insights from your schoolrooms & throughout your campuses to best make use of all your existing spaces.


Navigate the ongoing complexities of managing multiple school rooms and campuses

people counting education space utilisation

Make the most of each space

Say goodbye to misused spaces by measuring attendance participation across semesters and courses. Keep track of the amount of students using each of your facilities to strategically allocate classes and lectures for effective utilisation of limited space.

By understanding how many students actually attend any set lecture or class, the right spaces can be allocated to each lecturer to accommodate that specific number of students. Based on this data, lecture rooms can be allocated accordingly to the group size, ensuring that you can make the most out of each space.

people counting education efficiency

Optimise building & energy efficiency

Identify which spaces are being used to their fullest potential, and which spaces are not. Combining our people counting solution with your existing building management system you can convert building services from time based to occupancy based to reduce overall energy consumption.

Density data obtained can provide insight on which spaces to reduce and redirect power. Allocate energy to spaces with higher occupancy density and stop wasting air-conditioning, heating and lighting in unused spaces.

Our insightful people counting tools will analyse your performance and help you improve building and energy efficiencies further. Identify and utilise patterns in energy use to reveal opportunities for energy cost savings.

Improve student & staff productivity

Provide students and staff with more comfortable learning environments to ensure greater productivity from happy workers who are at ease in their workspaces. The occupancy data provides insights into the buildings real estate efficiency of meeting rooms desks, collaboration spaces and even toilet facilities.

people counting education space design

Optimise the design of your campus

Improve spaces based on how students and staff currently interact with your spaces to optimise spacial design that improves on-campus experience.

Our people counting software tracks area density, this creates data which shows the most used and valuable spaces across campuses. To maintain a positive experience for students, use people counting data to improve infrastructure offerings by providing more resources, such as study desks and meeting rooms within those areas of high volume usage.

people counting education cleaning schedules

Fine-tune cleaning schedules

Gain visibility and insight on toilet facilities usage and get real-time alerts when they actually require cleaning. Reduce overhead costs by scheduling cleaning according to usage.

With our utilisation alerts, facility managers can ensure optimal cleaning schedules based on utilisation and not based a time schedule.

People Counting Tools for Educational Facilities

We offer a full stack of people counting solutions so you have the insight required to create top learning environments.

Education Clients

We’ve worked with a range of educational facilities to optimise their space utilisation and create healthy and productive spaces.

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