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Prevent pandemic spread

With the current COVID-19 situation, we have focused our expertise on sensing solutions that protect your business, employees and your visitors.

We are committed to managing the safety of buildings, employees, contractors and visitors. With the current situation unfolding around the world, it is imperative that we continue to support the community by mitigating the risk of any exposure, as best we can.

Human Temperature Measurement 1Human Temperature Measurement 2

A thermal sensor that delivers

Detect elevated body temperatures in your spaces in a completely non-invasive manner. Utilising the Abakus Analytics thermal sensor enabled with video analytics, you can assist with fever detection of people who may have elevated temperatures. The sensor has an accuracy tolerance of +/- .3 degrees and can instantly alert on detection.

With this body temperature thermal measurement sensor, you can detect persons with fever entering your spaces. This technology is used internationally at airports, government facilities and commercial buildings. This sensor can be quickly installed and calibrated.

Body Temperature Measurement Features

0.3° accuracy

Multi-person measurement

Visual and audible alarms

No contact measurement

Video recording for identification purposes

Link to security gate/turnstile

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